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Ten Years

Your LoFix #2. atmospheric beats with a touch of bossanova 

Welcome to The LoFix, a new fortnightly column to share some LoFi & ChillHop that I’ve recently discovered and love. Giving you that fix of chill, something we all need regularly and if you’re feeling the tracks do share them with your friends.

In this second edition of the series we see Maple Syrup drop a huge bossanova style album with 18 tracks, it took a while to pick my favourite! New releases from XXII & Ghostnaught that see them collaborate with some friends, with melloe &  Toonorth providing that laid back goodness. 

Expect to hear some atmospheric beats with a touch of bossanova.

Maple Syrup gifted us with his “Nova” album on urbanundergrounds last week, inspired by latino flavours and bosshop beats. It was incredibly difficult to pick a tune here, but this little beat stood out with it’s animal sounds, smooth piano and unique style that transports me out of rainy London to the South American jungle.
XXIII & Zmeyev are here to seduce you with their atmospheric synth sounds & vocal samples, it’s one of them beats where I’m glad they make it a bit repetitive as it’s dope and the style doesn’t need changing. 
melloe by name, melloe by nature. When the song first kicked in I thought the vibe was okay but needed more… Then the piano dropped and I fell in love with the tune, the light head bop groove kicked in for me and I forgot about the day, perfect to zone in and out. 
The name is very fitting as I did get Pure Delight listening to this song and another incredible collaboration, this time with Ghostnaut, Lunath & Fayelo. Smooth guitar licks and clean piano gently flow through out, taking me to a state of calm & relaxation.
Leaving you with a dreamy tune to round up todays picks, Toonorth drift me away with the deep tones and subtle synth / vocal sounds used to entice. The deep feeling this song provides is incredible and perfect for a starry night or midnight walk through a big city.

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