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Ten Years

Nu Genea pay tribute to the Marechiaro in Naples with their bonkers new video directed by Guido Lombardi and Fabio Gargano

Nu Genea is Naples-based duo Lucio Aquilina and Massimo Di Lena. This summer Aquilina and Di Lena teamed up with French singer, Celia Kameni to create their latest single, “MARECHIÀ.”

The track is a disco funk tune that blends the Neapolitan language with French in a perfect balance. The song pays tribute to the wonderful Marechiaro — a seaside village in the gulf of Napoli. This is the world of Nu Genea that mixes and incorporates different sounds, cultures, and languages that’s aiming to create something new and original. But the most bonkers bit is the video directed by Guido Lombardi and Fabio Gargano.

“Marechiá’s” video follows a stylish old man with an impressive mustache on the way down for a swim in the Marechiaro. When his path to the sea is blocked, the man decides to go air swimming across town.

I love the typography, I love the direction, and I love the totally-out-there story.

Nu Genea – Marechià (with Célia Kameni)

Directed by Guido Lombardi, Fabio Gargano