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Ten Years

Crystal Fighters return with a beautiful new single for summer

This blog has been a fan of Crystal Fighters for about 12 years now and so we were excited to learn that the band is releasing a brand new album called Gaia and Friends. This week they’ve sent us the first single off the new album. It’s called “Manifest” and it sees the band returning to their signature sound — a mixture of traditional and pop music inspired by their British and Basque roots.

The new single is about manifesting your destiny,” says frontman, Sebastian Pringle. “We were in the studio on a cold rainy day in London wondering when we might be on the beach sipping a coconut again, and this song was born.”

When writing “Manifest”, the band drew on Basque culture and mythology. It not only influenced the sound of the track but also the artwork and visuals, including the cover art which was designed by the band’s favourite contemporary digital artist, Marcelo Pinel. 

“Marcelo created us a cyber mystic depiction of a ‘Txatxo’,” explains guitarists, Gilbert Vie-rich.  “These mythical Basque beings wake Mother Nature up after winter. ‘Manifest’ is a song about manifesting your destiny.   This solitary technicolour Txatxo is sitting on a log contemplating their own destiny.  Marcelo’s piece tickles the senses, while reminding us of how epic and mysterious this experience on Earth really is.

Crystal Fighters – Manifest

Cover photo by Boby Allin