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Ten Years

Your LoFix #4 – Guitar Riffs & Calming Melodies

Welcome to The LoFix, a column to share some LoFi & ChillHop that I’ve recently discovered and love. Giving you that fix of chill; something we all need regularly. And if you’re feeling the tracks, do share them with your friends.

In this fourth edition of the series we present some laid back guitar riffs and calming melodies to sail away from a stressful day.

Straight out of Washington and producing since 2018, Guustavv is back with the translucent groove that is “Unsubmarine” and taken from his new Myspys EP. The perfectly balanced sound lets you float away with a subtle head-bop created by the guitar that takes centre stage throughout.

melloe is feeling a bit “Snazzy” with this beat and the lead production definitely brings that vibe. Having the guitar, piano and horn all play off each other keeps you locked in and excited to hear what’s next with the beat.  
Jump on the “gondola” with tides. and his incredible bluesy jazz feel, leading in with the guitar sound you know as soon as the beat kicks in this will be golden. The only downside is that it’s 1.50min long and left me wishing it would continue as the groove is too good.
The Rolling Beats & The Remix Station turn Queen’s “We Will Rock You” into a very smooth cut and focus on turning rock tunes into chilled instrumentals, definitely worth checking out their classic rock remakes!
Ending this LoFix with something a bit more atmospheric from Pevanni & Roadetrix Recs that will let you drift away with their “Melancholic Memories,” a mesmerising guitar melody and building backing that compliments the growth perfectly.