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Ten Years

aiwake: Palm City

Toronto-based duo aiwake return with their latest cut ‘Palm City.” If you are looking for chilled out vibes, this is the track.

Evident as ever from aiwake’s output is the emotional and darker aspects of their production. Floating in a realm between rnb and electronica, driving rhythms on ‘Palm City’ carry distorted synths and delicate vocals to tell an introspective story about modern relationships.

Intricate syncopation. Gritty dissonance. Uplifting downtempo. These are some of the worlds that aiwake have begun to blend together. The forage thus far has produced fruits of unpredictable nature, with flavors that demand the expansion of your aural palette. The beauty of these delicacies is found in the variance, in the lack of complacency, and the inability of the mind to categorize the experience that just unfolded. The habitual, the redundant, the replaceable; all faculties that find their displacement in these collections of sound. Tunes that can be played anywhere and fit nowhere at the same time.

aiwake – Palm City