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Ten Years

The new Rambo EP

West coast DJ/ producer, Rambo, has just released his self-titled EP which culminates over a year of tracks he’s been working on. When describing his sound, Rambo says it would be as if “James Brown and Tame Impala got together and made house music and lived on an island.” Read: soulful house music with a chilled out psych-rock edge. Basically, it’s some dope as shit and you should be listening to it.

Here are some of my favorite tracks:

Rambo – Darkest Blue (feat. Jackie Rain)

Rambo – Prolly Neva

Rambo – Baila

Rambo – 909s & Heartbreaks

Tame Impala – Nangs (Rambo Remix)
Not from the EP, but still dope!

Rambo EP