The New LoFi

Ten Years

Arabian-inspired psychedelic indie rock from Spanish producer, Los Vii

Los Vii is a Spanish producer currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah. And from his latest single, “Macchina,” It sounds like the deserts of Utah are playing a role in the creation of his music.

“Macchina” is a sprawling five minute psychedelic indie track that finds its foundation in the desert sands. The song is heavily influenced by music of the Arabian peninsula as well as sounds from Persia. It includes Arabic musical elements presented in a modern way, as well as brief spoken word part taken from an Italian poem.

According to Los Vii, the lo-fi indie production is actually a foil for the song’s deeper meaning. “The track is a commentary on the pain and pleasure of the human experience,” explains Los Vii. “It’s about how AI machines will never achieve this human depth of feeling.”

Los Vii – Macchina