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Ten Years

English trio, North Downs release a new EP that mixes indie, funk and electronic to help you get your groove on for 2020

At the end of January, the three-piece English band, North Downs released their new EP: Dads Old Tapes. The EP combines elements of indie, funk and electronic music to establish a singular groove throughout the record.

For the title single, North Downs opens with a dark and distorted chord progression that is complimented with a lightly tapping drum beat. “Nightlife Blues” follows up with a funk beat paired with a sing-along vocal chorus. Each track builds on a continuous driving groove that will have you tapping your foot and bobbing your head. Every track is a hit.

Looking forward to seeing this turn into an LP.

North Downs – Nightlife Blues

North Downs – Dads Old Tapes

North Downs – Settle Down

North Downs – Silent Moon