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Ten Years

Little Glass Men

Little Glass Men is a cinematic, hip hop inspired beat project from San Diego based composer and producer Ryan Claus. Utilizing samplers, synthesis and organic instrumentation he creates a world of sound as visually evocative as it is harmonically intoxicating. A concoction of earthy drum beats, hypnotizing synth patterns and world elements that transport you to the very depths of chill.

His latest single, “You” is a serene, reflective hip hop beat overflowing with emotion. It features a carefully crafted sound palette comprised of woodwinds, wind chimes, pitched vocal samples and a deep bassline that invites you to the quietest corner of your soul, then sweeps you away with a big powerful finish. Rhythmically, the song is propelled by an irregular drum pattern highlighting the uncertainty of being in love with “you.”

Little Glass Men – On The Floor

Little Glass Men – You

Little Glass Men – Meridian