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Ten Years

Some social distance dancing to go along with Bad Tuner’s new single “Weather Report”

“How does music transcend the chasm between fiction and reality?

This is the question that Yugoslavian producer Jozef Sergei Dimitrov (aka bad tuner) asks throughout his work.

For his new track “Weather Report,” he samples a late-night weather broadcast over a mix of breakbeat drums and nostalgic synths. The Yamaha DX7 dominates while a rolling 303-style bassline carries the rhythm. It all adds up to a track that is hard not to dance to.

For the video, Dimitrov enlists Director, Patrick Elmore and New York-based flex dancer, Risa. The team went into China Town, NYC and did some interpretive dance while listening to the track. I know it’s probably not intentional, but it looks sort of like Risa has invented a new style of “social distance dancing” in the video. I love the looks she is getting from the general public in the background of the film.

Born an orphan in the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, Dimitrov was adopted by a young Russian couple when he was only 12 years old. Moving to Moscow, Dimitrov became an apprentice in a radio repair shop where he explored an interest in AM and FM radio transmissions. This later fuelled his appreciation for recording and by 16 he was making his own music.

A few years later he was under investigation by the Russian police for incorporating confidential radio communications into his all night DJ sets. So in 2016 Dimitrov renounced his Russian citizenship and moved to the United States. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY studying acoustic theory and time harmonic equations under renowned audio scientist, Agathe Alt.

bad tuner – Weather Report