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Ten Years

House and techno producer Linkwood teams up with jazz pianist Greg Foat to create a genre-bending new album

At the beginning of this month I came across this new album called Linkwood & Foat and it has been on heavy rotation ever since. It is becoming a bit of my meditative self-isolation soundtrack.

The album is the result of a collaboration between two well known British producers. Well known in completely different genres. On one side of the musical spectrum is Nick Moore — the Scottish techno producer behind Linkwood. On the other side is the critically acclaimed jazz pianist, Greg Foat. The two have come together to fuse their two respective talents into something very special.

The album is simply called Linkwood & Foat and it features 8 genre-bending tracks that blur the line between electronic music and jazz. It overlays the late night jazz scene into late night club scene.

For me, the album creates just the right kind of musical escapism that I’m craving during this corona virus lockdown we are in the middle of. It’s well worth getting a copy of the vinyl to accompany your record player (available on the Athens of the North label).

Or you can stream the whole record on Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

Linkwood – Es Vedra Linkwood – Pressure Linkwood – Bentley 101