The New LoFi

Ten Years


This is the first single from the new “Waxolutionists” album The Big Butter, Part 2.

Hailing from Austria, the Waxolutionists have been spreading their unique blend of classic sampling, turntable skills and electronics for almost 20 years. The group consists of The Bionic Kid, DJ Zuzee and Dj Buzz.

Their legendary debut-12″ “Nachtschattengewächs” (feat. Manuva, released in 1999) was followed by four well received LPs (The Smart Blip Experience, 2000; Plastic People, 2002; Counterfight, 2004; We Paint Colors, 2009) and a remix-album (RE:WAX, 2003). The trio worked with artists like DJ Vadim, Ty, and UK-rap-legend Blade.

Check out the first single from the album below.

Waxolutionists – Furry Is Back ft. DJ Flip