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Ten Years

Inventions release a beautiful pearlescent bronze colored vinyl to celebrate second album: “Continuous Portrait”

Inventions has always been the product of two friends who find comfort and inspiration in the genuine surprise and playfulness of creating and combining sounds. This is the second album that the two friends — Matthew Robert Cooper (from Eluvium) and Mark T. Smith (from Explosions in the Sky) — have released since their debut album in 2015: Maze of Woods.

The new record, Continuous Portrait, seems to be a continuation of their experimental musical curiosities. The first single “Outlook For The Future” gives you a feeling of warmth and humanity that we could all probably use during this unique time of conflict and uncertainty.

The vinyl edition will be a limited press of pearlescent bronze colored records. Only 500 will be made and you can pre-order your copy on the Inventions Bandcamp page.

Inventions – Outlook for the Future