The New LoFi

Ten Years

Float into the weekend with fuzzy guitars and psychedelic melodies

Just got passed this delightful new single by Washington DC-based indie psych rock producer, Keegan Del Rio. The track is called “Dwelling” and it deals with the process of moving on — something we can all probably identify with.

The thing that sets this track (and Keegan’s sound) apart for me is the fact that it blurs the line of indie pop and psych rock. The opening melody sets the upbeat lo-fi tone to the track but keeps it rooted in that spaced out psychedelic world. That’s supported with the reverb-ed vocals, double drums, and fuzzy guitar accompaniment. Oh, and it was no surprise to learn that Mat Leffler-Schulman (Beach House, Future Islands, Dan Deacon) was the person who helped Del Rio master the track.

Loving the sound. Can’t wait to hear more.

Keegan Del Rio – Dwelling