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Ten Years

Trevor Forrest – Likely Story

Brooklyn-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Trevor Gittelman (aka Trevor Forrest) has just released a new single that is pumped with chill vibes and neosoul.

“This song is an inner monologue,” explains Trevor. “‘I’m a little bit afraid of you’ is spoken to the self. The song has a melancholic feel as it describes our younger desires grow up into narratives which conceal our cast aside dreams. This narrative is the ‘likely story,’ a phrase you say to someone you know is lying. I wanted an almost lullaby feeling, singing in all falsetto gives the song a certain androgyny and disembodied color. The synth at the ending of the song is actually a multi octave chord played by an orchestra, it is bent up and down to meet its destinations, it sounds warm like an old film but alien too.

Press play and sink into the back of your sofa with the sounds of “Likely Story.”

Trevor Forrest – Likely Story