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John Gemberling stars in the new Dillon Francis video for “GO OFF (Nuthin’ 2 It)”

Here’s something to get you out of your seat and go off on a Monday. It’s the new video for Dillon Francis’ single “GO OFF (Nuthin’ 2 It).”

The video was shot by director duo Evan Scott and Parker Seaman (aka The DADS) and it stars the teddybear of a man: John Gemberling. If you recognize him, it’s because he’s the guy that plays “Bevers” on Broad City. And he is just as hilarious in this 2 min video as he is in the show.

“GO OFF (Nuthin’ 2 It)” is the first song off of Dillon Francis’ new mixtape called “Magic Is Real” which comes out later this year. Francis has said that he will be dropping new songs from the mixtape every 2 weeks from here on out, so keep an eye out on his feed.

For now, check out the video for “GO OFF” below:

Dillon Francis – GO OFF (Nuthin’ 2 It)