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Ten Years

Swiss five piece band, Sirens Of Lesbos release their debut full-length album

We first came across Sirens Of Lesbos earlier this summer with the release of their single “How Many Miles” (a track inspired by “How Many Mics” by The Fugees). From that point on, we just fell in love with the quintet’s effortless sound and subtle sense of humor.

For Sirens Of Lesbos, Greece holds a strange significance. “It was a playfully anonymous moniker when we originally set out,” admits the band when talking about their name. It reflects the early attitude of SOL — they were out to create light-hearted sound you could put your dancing pants on for. The ultimate goal was to create an Ibiza club hit.

It wasn’t until 2015 when the group played an unsatisfactory gig under the ancient Acropolis in Athens that they realised the direction they’d set off in didn’t represent the true heart of the group. After Ibiza hit was achieved with their single ‘Long Days, Hot Nights,’ SOL were looking for the next step.

Their debut self-titled album is a fantastic celebration of the rich and multicultural sound that they’ve cultivated over the last five years. Sonically, the album spans many genres — indie-electronica, soul, reggae, hip hop. The last song on the album “I Know It Will End” even plays with this sort of (dare I say) country western sound in one of the most appealing ways. The band has really pushed itself out of its comfort zone on this album.

There are also some fantastic and unexpected cameos on the record including a collaboration with Theodor Black on the bouncy indie-pop track, “Palm Trees.” The very talented JID joins SOL on a track near the end of the album called “Like Some Dream” for a bluesy and chilled out joint that acts as a come-down for the rest of the album.

Check out some of our favorite singles from the new album below. If you really want to do yourself (and the band) a favor, go stream the crap out of the album on Spotify.

Sirens Of Lesbos – Cobra Sirens Of Lesbos – Pala Sirens Of Lesbos – Like Some Dream (feat. JID) Sirens Of Lesbos – Palm Trees