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Ten Years

The three piece band from Romania that is bringing a human touch to electronic music

Golan is a three piece band based in Bucharest, Romania. Using live instruments, sampling and DJ-ing, the trio brings a much needed human touch to electronic music.

For their latest single, “Anima,” the band makes an open reference to nature and the inseparable universe that we are all part of. “‘Anima’ is a journey. Raw and alive, travelling towards the unknown by leaving the mundane in search for the symbolic.

The video for the single was shot by Nicu Dragan in the Republic of Moldova at the beginning of 2020. By setting the story in these austere, almost deserted surroundings the director found himself open to this entire new creative perspective. The stark setting makes a great backdrop for the song’s obsessive refrain: “You’re always on my mind.”

“Anima” will appear on the bands sophomore album — to be released at the end of 2020.