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Your LoFix #5 – Soothing Beats for the Mind

Welcome to The LoFix, a column to share some LoFi & ChillHop that I’ve recently discovered and love. Giving you that fix of chill; something we all need regularly. And if you’re feeling the tracks, do share them with your friends.

In this fifth edition of the series we present some calming beats to sooth the mind and help your focus or relax, the perfect songs to zone in or out.

The okwow label have released many beautiful productions and also planted over 1500 tree’s with their “Beats for Trees” project, so a massive shout out to the crew there. Birds Of The West & Wishes and Dreams team up for the dreamy “Bright Sky” track that has beautiful melodies and warm lead sounds that was the main inspiration this weeks LoFix. 
Steezy Prime and luv pug have collaborated again for another smooth sailing beat, with a gentle guitar that adds a subtle groove to the tune. “Moonbeam” was released earlier this year and listeners are already showing the love with over 800 thousand streams, it really is perfect for working too… Infact both artists have an extensive catalogue that you can vibe all day to. 

“Divine Melody” is a very fitting name for the lucid piano synth song created by Lil Gromit & Mr. Jello who have a unique style with their sound and trippy visual cartoons. As the song kicks in so does a spiritual vocal sample that rounds off nicely, not standing out too much with it’s distant tone to distract you from your work. A very cool ending with it stripping back the sounds and leaving you with it’s little beat that you wish kicked back in! 

“Dresden” I’ve been listening to for a couple of months and helps me zone out at the end of a long day. You can feel the emotion that Worldtraveller & Tibeauthetraveler have created here, with nice Asian influence and organic sounds that calmly flow.

soulful beats came onto the lofi scene last year and his catalogue has been featured in many relaxing and focus playlists, I recently discovered this artist in this recommend Workday Lounge playlist. The relatively unkown artist teamed up with BLNDR recs for “slowly drifting” single, a very fitting name and one that gradually grows with gentle synth sounds and minimal beat.