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Ten Years

Rapper, DJ, producer, actor; Redman is still banging out tunes 30 years after he began

It has been 25 years since Redman & Method Man were cranking out tunes, and nearly 30 years since Redman came onto the scene. In the mid 90s he played a big part in creating the music that helped form ‘the golden age of hip hop’ and decades later he’s still shifting and adapting to shape today’s hip hop sound. You gotta give massive props to a musician who can stay in the business for that long and still have the ability to drop something fresh.

2015 saw Redman release a new album entitled Mudface and most recently he has teamed up with LA-based turntablist and producer JAYCEEOH to form a new group called 1000volts. And while the music is a big departure from that classic 90s hip hop sound, it is interesting to see Redman navigate through this new world filled with dub step and EDM.

The song that really piqued my interest (and the reason why I’m writing this post) is because I recently learned that Redman has also turned his hand to creating music in yet another genre entirely: dub.

I came across this dub version of “When I Release” by Redman that is quality. Below I’m including the dub track, “When I Release” alongside one of his more well known joints from the 90s called “Iz he 4real” (off his Muddy Waters album). Thought it would be interesting for you to compare and contrast how his style has changed from 1996 to 2016.

Redman – Iz he 4real

Redman – When I Release (Dub Version)