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“Jockeys of Love” — the new 6-track EP from Brooklyn-based indie duo, TOLEDO

This month, Brooklyn-based indie duo, TOLEDO have released their second EP, Jockeys of Love. We featured their lockdown surf-rock single, “FOMO” on the blog last summer but now the full 6-track EP is available.

Although “FOMO” was released during lockdown, the track “Needer” was actually the first song written and recorded for the EP.

“In March, we left our apartment in NYC to shelter in our hometown of Newburyport, Massachusetts,” says Daniel when talking about the single. “The song speaks plainly to the concerns that rushed through our heads as mid-twenty year olds displaced by a pandemic. Ultimately, things like property or partying prove trivial in comparison to what we really needed at the time – connection.” 

“The song ‘did a full 180-baby’ when we added doubled drums into the mix,” Daniel continues “We love spinning a song on its head at the halfway mark, and we were able to do so here by withholding acoustic guitar and drums until after the second chorus. 1:45 is the best part!!!” 

TOLEDO – Needer

While songs like “FOMO” and “Challenger” are more upbeat and positive, other songs on the record like “You Won’t” and Dog Has Its Day” show off the more reflective side of TOLEDO. The band again:

You Won’t is a date night gone wrong. When you know someone intricately, you know which buttons to press to get what you want, and sometimes you want someone to scream at you. It’s easy to pin the problems on the person with the loudest voice, so we wanted to write a song about how you can weaponize silence.” 

“This is the only song on the EP that was written with a piecemeal approach. We rediscovered the guitar part in an old voicemail, and then the bridge was added because we wanted a key change somewhere. Played around in a few different keys before we settled on the falsetto chorus being a nice emotional catharsis.”

TOLEDO – You Won’t

TOLEDO – Dog Has Its Day