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Ten Years

D.c.R. Pollock’s new single is bittersweet account of how many of us are struggling through this period of global lockdown

The new single from Californian singer / songwriter, d.c.R. Pollock is called “St. Patrick’s Day.” Using this holiday — a holiday that is usually characterised by gathering together with friends and family and socialising — is an interesting jumping off point to comment on our current pandemic. It’s a holiday that is filled with so many great memories for most, but has been celebrated in isolation this year. In fact, by that point in the global lockdown, many people will have been laid off from their jobs and struggling to earn money just for basic life needs.

When talking about creating the track Pollock says, “I’d been isolated for two weeks prior to St. Patrick’s Day and spent most the time reading and working on my small garden bed. My girlfriend would bring me oranges and we would just sit for most the day eating them and staring at the garden. The song is reflecting on how those moments kept me sane.”

He continues by pointing out that “the worst parts of the pandemic aren’t the virus but the capitalist system that can’t sustain it.”

d.c.R. Pollock – St. Patrick’s Day