The New LoFi

Ten Years

April 2023 Mixtape

Thanks for tuning into the April edition of The New LoFi mixtape. I had a lot of fun exploring the tropical exotica side of jazz and funk last week. This week is a bit of a continuation on that idea by taking a dive into funk and psychedelica that has been released in the last year from the Arabic world. It’s all about the Turkish funk and soul this month. Turkish psychedelic funk from producers like Janko Nilovic, Charif Megarbane, DJ Istanbul or a band like Altin Gün.  

There is some more traditional jazz and soul outfits on the mix including one from Chip Wickham’s new album called “Astral Traveling.” And we’ve also got a few indie tracks floating around like a new track from an all-girl LA-based trio called Automatic. 

Check out the full playlist (and some video from a few of the artists) below. Links on how to support each artist in the playlist.

Sweet little video for the new Automatic single

Gweno’s new track, “Tresor”

Bonkers collage video for Black Flower’s new single, “O Fogo”

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April 2023 Mixtape Playlist

  1. Ikebe Shakedown – Waiting For The Storm (01:44)
  2. Automatic – Skyscraper (05:39)
  3. Gwenno – Tresor (09:31)
  4. ALTIN GÜN – Goca Dünya (DJ STANBUL edit) (13:30)
  5. Minami Deutsch – Fortune Goodies (18:13)
  6. Charif Megarbane – Flat Foot (25:52)
  7. Black Flower – O Fogo (28:28)
  8. Say She She – Blow My Mind (32:28)
  9. Pierre Cavalli – Possarinhos (36:36)
  10. Bandler Ching – Dag Na Naamdag (38:58)
  11. JK Group – Rising Part I (43:15)
  12. Janko Nilovic – Psychic Powers (feat. The Soul Surfers) (48:22)
  13. Chip Wickham – Sais (Egypt) (50:54)
  14. Karl Hector – Leealeh (58:25)
  15. Neue Grafik – Queen Asa (01:01:15)
  16. Foshe – Polyrhythmic Housification (01:04:56)