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Ten Years

The bearded-wonder from Bristol pays homage to Detroit Techno with his new single “My Church”

This year the bearded wonder from Bristol (aka Will Clarke) launched his record label All We Have is Now. One of my favorite new singles to come out of that label is Clarke’s collaboration with Marc Kinchen (aka MK) for the track “My Church.”

Now living in the Motor City, Will Clarke taps into the dance music heritage of Detroit with “My Church.” The gospel influenced track builds on the success of his earlier release: “Hallelujah.” I know that this kind of music isn’t for everyone but I think Clarke brings a fantastic new flavor to techno that makes it accessible but still punchy as hell.

In October, Clarke teamed up with director Matthew Freiheit to tell the visual story of “My Church.” The music video travels around Detroit to explore all the abandoned buildings (one of them literally a church) that might have served as an impromptu club space (read: rave).

Check it out:

Will Clarke – Hallelujah