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Ten Years

Stephen Caulfield creates a new ambient album inspired by Iceland and Virginia Woolf

“I find watching the waves wash on and off the black sand beach very hypnotic,” explains British composer Stephen Caulfield when describing the new track off of his latest album To the Lighthouse. “You can easily get lost in your thoughts and memories — which suits this song very well.”

The track Caulfield is talking about is called “Everything Is Remembered” and it is an ambient instrumental track that creates a dreamy atmosphere by using lo-fi drum loops, pitch warping techniques and a vintage Omnichord. “The instrumentation on this song is essentially a love letter to one of my all time favourite instruments,” continues Caulfield. “The Suzuki Omnichord OM-84. I’ve recorded it live and sequenced, as well as sampling it and doing all sorts of audio mangling.”

To the Lighthouse was inspired by Caulfield’s tour around Iceland. Something that most people don’t associate with Iceland is its supply of lighthouses. During his time in Iceland, Caulfield made it his mission to visit as many lighthouses as he could. To promote the album, Caulfield scored this lovely video of his travels around Iceland with music off of the album.

The album takes its name from Virginia Woolf’s book by the same title. “The more I thought about the book, lighthouses and what they symbolise – their purpose, location, history and events they have witnessed – the more the concept for this piece of music and the album as a whole came together.”

We highly recommend you listen to the album as a whole. It’s much better that way. You can stream / buy To the Lighthouse on Caulfield’s Bandcamp page.

Stephen Caulfield – Everything Is Remembered