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German producer, Peer Kusiv remixes “Ready Shaking Silent” into a club anthem

Here’s some beats to get your week started. German producer and DJ, Peer Kusiv remixes “Ready Shaking Silent” into an anthemic club track. The track is the first single from the upcoming Hundreds album, The Current (out on March 27th). This will be Hundreds’ first release since their previous album Wilderness in 2015.

Peer Kusiv, a 28 year old music producer from the North of Germany, developed a keen interest for various music genres at a young age. Ranging from classical music, jazz and pop to thumping 90s Euro techno – these diverse influences significantly shaped young Peer’s artistic development. From the age of 12, Kusiv experimented with producing music and soon realised he found his lifelong passion. He developed his unique style early on by composing his own melodies and playing most of the instruments himself. Then Kusiv blends different samples and music genres into his distinctive soundscapes.

In 2012, Peer managed to blur the lines between genres with his debut album Natur und Techno. His use of somber synthesizers in combination with composed tunes on classical instruments is beautifully balanced and present in all 12 tracks.

Check out Kusiv’s remix next to the original version of “Ready Shaking Silent.”

HUNDREDS – Ready Shaking Silent (Peer Kusiv Club remix)

HUNDREDS – Ready Shaking Silent (original)