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The greatest musician of all time has never been paid. That’s all about to change

A music initiative to recognize the value of nature

Sometimes you come across an idea that seems so obvious that you can’t believe it didn’t exist before. Like the idea that nature should be compensated when musicians use her music in their compositions.  That’s exactly what the Sounds Right initiative sets out to do: recognize the value of Mother Nature by generating royalties from her music

The goal is to activate fans, raise funds, spark a global conversation about how we value nature, and not least inspire a sense of urgency and agency in our collective efforts to protect the planet. 

How it works is simple: 50% of recording royalties from tracks that ‘Feat. Nature’ will be donated to biodiversity conservation and restoration projects.

NATURE’s royalties and donations will be collected by EarthPercent and distributed to rights-based nature conservation and restoration projects in the world’s most precious and precarious ecosystems.

Streaming one of the Feat. NATURE tracks is a simple iconic action everybody can take to generate royalties for high-impact conservation projects, while incurring no additional cost to themselves. Sounds right to me.

Head over to the Sounds Right website to see what artists are already participating, or listen to the playlist below. 

Cover photo by Malte Michels on Unsplash