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Bringing brass back: Too Many Zooz

Matt Doe, Leo P, and King of Sludge are the three New Yorkers who make up the brass house band Too Many Zooz. I first came across them (like many people did) when I saw the viral video of the band playing live on the L train at Bedford Ave in Brooklyn.

It’s 3am. The trio is set up on the platform as the train arrives. The doors open and they play themselves onboard to the unsuspecting late night travelers. One of my favorite comments under the video on YouTube is “Imagine being the one guy on that train trippin balls on acid trying to be cool and hold it together and then these guys come on.” lol Seriously.

Viral videos aside, Too Many Zooz are showing popular music that brass has a place. The way they reinterpret brass band sound to feel percussive and tight makes it fit perfectly with other genres like hip hop, house or techno. Their collaboration with BassTracks on the single “Brass Zebra” is a great example of this.

Too Many Zooz are bringing brass back, and I like it.

Too Many Zooz – Warriors

Too Many Zooz – Mouse Trap

BassTracks – Brass Zebra (featuring Too Many Zooz