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Ten Years

Far-reaching cinematic jazz from the Bristol based collective: Ishmael Ensemble

The Ishmael Ensemble is a British collective led by saxophonist and producer Pete Cunningham. After the success of his EP series Severn Songs last year, Cunningham has gone on to develop a new LP that aimed to collate all of his recordings into a sonic postcard from his home in South West England. The album is called A State Of Flow and it not only pulls together the work he’s created for his Bristol-inspired Severn Songs, but also pulls from local visual and musical talent within the Ensemble.

The new album includes new collaborations in the shape of vocalists Holysseus Fly and Yama Warashi, plus acclaimed horn player Yazz Ahmed. The central theme of the album is the flow of water; the flow of time; the cultural exchange and the roles within the Ensemble. The album is ambient, electronic and even cinematic at times. And while it is anchored in a jazz sound, the album seeks to redefine the shape and sound of our perception of genre.

Get your copy of A State Of Flow from the Ishmael Ensemble Bandcamp page.

Ishmael Ensemble – The Chapel

Ishmael Ensemble – The River (feat. Yazz Ahmed) Ishmael Ensemble – Siren! Ishmael Ensemble – Lapwing