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Ten Years

Athlete Whippet announce their new EP, Nogueria

Before I even heard this track I knew I was going to like it. I mean… with a moniker like “Athlete Whippet,” who’s not going to like the music they create? Just imagine this super muscular little whippet dog behind the decks, spinning up house music. There is nothing not to like with that.

So who is the person behind the legend of the athletic whippet? Well, it’s not just one person to be honest; it’s two very talented producers spread across Berlin and London — Aviram Barath and Robin Paul Braum. Each producer has done their part to lift the scene in their respective locations. They’ve been releasing music on the hugely popular underground labels like Toy Tonics and Rhythm Section and they co-run an artist collective and record label based out of South London called Squareglass.

At the end of last month they released a brand new single called ‘Mesmerise,’ from their upcoming EP, Nogueria. The EP takes its name from a remote place in the mountains around Rio de Janeiro where it was made.

Anyway, this bouncy and energetic new single is a result of the duo’s musicality — combining drum machines and loops with live performance. It’s sort of what a whippet would be like if it was really athletic.  I think you’re going to like it.

Athlete Whippet – Mesmerise

Cover photo by Barbora Mrazkova