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Ten Years

Halibab Matador blends a melancholic mix of soul, jazz and hip hop on his new album: Souvenirs

Time to sail into the weekend with this absolute gem of a study beats track by Ugandan-born Belgian-based producer, Halibab Matador. He’s just released “Souvenirs” — the lead single off of his debut album which blends elements of jazz, soul, hip hop and electronic music together in a wonderful instrumental medley.

“I tried to make an authentic project with music that comes from the heart and with no particular intention at all,” explains Marador. “Just music and love. The leading feeling of the project is a feeling of melancholy that I wanted to transcribe visually with pictures that represent important moments of my life. Souvenirs.”

Stream the title track below, or listen to the full copy of Souvenirs on Soundcloud now.

Halibab Matador – Souvenirs

Cover photo by Baudouin Willemart