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Ten Years

Title song off Montañera’s new album is a meditative journey of self-discovery

Originally from Bogota, Colombia, María Mónica Gutiérrez (aka Montañera or “Mountainess”) began writing her new album as a way to explore her identity after a difficult move to London. The move left her feeling untethered and alone in a strange new place. The daunting 5,000 mile journey sparked the beginning of a change in her; a new understanding of herself as an artist; as a human being. Throughout the album Gutiérrez examines the immigrant’s experience through a rich sonic lens inspired by sources as disparate as traditional Colombian and Senegalese music, contemporary ambient and experimental production, and whalesong from the depths of the Atlantic.

I’ll admit, I don’t usually go for this kind of singer / songwriter type music. But there was something so compelling about the composition. The instrumentation mixes traditional strings with a electronic bassline and topped with María’s inspired vocal track creates an arrangement that is very unique. It’s experimental, but in a very refined way. And at a time when Latin music is expected to have strong and danceable beats, Montañera takes us in a more beat-less direction.

When talking about the title track off of her new album, A Flor de Piel, María says “[This track was] inspired by Japanese traditional sounds (like the koto) and deep bass lines. It’s a song that talks about how to make my heart a little lighter; I know that inside of me I can be light as the mist in the heat, I can be as fragile as the song of a sparrow, however, I still need to get born into this…”

Listen to “A Flor de Piel” below and grab a copy of the 9-track album on Bandcamp now.