The New LoFi

Ten Years

Thomas Savage’s new solo project embraces the nomadic lifestyle as he produces his latest EP across five countries

Vilde is the wandering project of Australian producer, Thomas Savage. Growing up in Melbourne, Savage co-formed a lounge-pop group after finishing High School. After a few years of touring he decamped to the south coast of England to form a rock band called Kins. By 2015, Kins had run a natural course and was laid to rest. Savage then moved to Stockholm and created Vilde — a trusty solo project that embraces his nomadic lifestyle.

For his latest release, Speaking With Strangers Savage creates a contemplative and melodic 5-track EP.

“In 2020 I was fortunate enough to be in a position which allowed me to encounter and converse with various strangers on a daily basis,” explains Savage when talking about the album. “I came to really feel how important this is for all of us. It gives us a sense of adjustment and participance to our wider societies and beyond that, the world. There was a real sense of beauty in having a genuine connection on some level to people I barely knew. That feeling is at the core of this EP”

Vilde – Hope You Forgive Everything You Can’t