The New LoFi

Ten Years

Alex Falk releases a new 5-track EP on Allergy Season

Falk first made his mark in techno during the early twenty-teens with appearances on a tightly knit group of Southeastern US labels including Proper Trax and CGI Records. Born and raised well outside the established bases for electronic music in the Northeast and the Midwest, Falk absorbed the sounds of Miami bass and electro compilations that occasionally made their way to local CD stores near where he lived.

Falk eventually discovered the world of forest raves and Goa Trance that flourished in nearby Asheville, North Carolina. The scene was a bastion of weirdo electronic music that thrived just as raves began to lose hold in cities across the region. Falk eventually moved on from the Trance sphere and focused his energies back home in Knoxville, founding the TEKNOX party series with a group of friends. 7 years of hard work and forward thinking booking allowed the party and the scene in Knoxville to grow, connecting with like minds throughout the Southeast and becoming part of a grassroots revival of underground dance music throughout the US.

On this 5-track EP, Falk processes synthetic sounds until they take on near organic texture, creating hypnotic and psychedelic tracks that deftly bang. Opener “OOF” is a broken-beat techno opus awash in evolving synth tones and skittering stereo hi-hats. “Self” counters with a hooky vocal samples and an upbeat 909 pump. In the center of the EP “Lift” and “Mark” move deeper into the wormhole, painting intricate detail on surging rhythms. Falk closes with “MUU”, an oceanic techno track that hits with wave after wave of interwoven melody until the tension releases with a head-spinning pad.

Alex Falk – Self