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Ten Years

Omar Awbu explores the complexities of the human experience on his new single, “FutureMemories”

If you are into the flavor of hip hop that artists like MF Doom, Dr Octagon, and Madlib were making, then you are going to like the Michigan-based producer, Omar Awbu. Initially Omar began releasing music in 2011 under his “bigOmuziq” moniker. In 2019 he retired “bigOmuziq” and stepped away from music entirely to focus on mental and spiritual health. At the end of 2022, he began a new journey under the new alias: “Omar Awbu.”

With a fusion of introspective lyricism, soulful melodies, and thought-provoking storytelling, Omar captivates listeners with a unique and diverse blend of styles. Through his music, Omar explores the complexities of the human experience while also addressing important social issues. With an unwavering commitment to his roots and culture, Omar infuses his art with homages to his Palestinian heritage and Muslim values of unity and justice. His music serves as a vehicle for healing, reflection, and empowerment, with an aim of inspiring listeners to find their own path of self-discovery in making a positive impact the world.

This all comes through on his new single “FutureMemories” which will be part of his upcoming new album called Perspective(S).” “This track is is a self-produced musical journey jumping timelines both sonically and lyrically,” explains Omar. “From studio sessions with Kendrick, to playing Sonic the Hedgehog in the basement, along with reflections on the journey of life coupled with social commentary, “FutureMemories” is full of depth, soul, and a certain uniqueness.” 

Omar plans to release several more singles leading up to the release of the Perspective(S) project. Currently the plan is to include 19 tracks. The album is scheduled to be released on Friday September 15, 2023; exactly 8 years to the day since the release of Awbu’s 23-track project, “LeRenaissance.”

Omar Awbu – Future Memories