The New LoFi

Ten Years

Laura Wolf evolves from classical musician to electronic producer with her new single, “Alluvial Fan”

Producer, cellist and singer Laura Wolf picks apart genres and stitches them back together again. Her music is an intricate patchwork of playful sound design, orchestral fragments, electronic samples and intimate vocals. The result is her signature off-kilter chamber-pop arrangements packed with delicious sound design.

She also weaves some personal elements into her music. In 2019, after being bedridden by an emergency intestinal surgery and in the wake of canceling a cross-country tour and move, Laura was forced to reimagine her musical identity from classical composer to electronic producer. For the greater part of that year, she spent every waking moment in her parent’s attic (turned makeshift recording studio) teaching herself Ableton, recording, and electronic production.

This time of rapid creative evolution produced 2 EPs: the first, Artifacts (2021) was the charmingly (but accidentally) glitchy predecessor to the more intentional follow-up, Shelf Life. From its sound palette to its lyrics, Shelf Life is a gradual unspooling of the synergy between original source and manipulated sample. Having spent the past year journeying through family folklore and genetic testing, Laura wrote Shelf Life as a way to mourn her maternal grandmother and grapple with genetic disease.

Stream the lead single off of Shelf Life below: “Alluvial Fan.”