The New LoFi

Ten Years

July 2021 Mixtape

Happy 4th of July everyone! This month’s mixtape features new music from Sirens of Lesbos, Channel Tres, Hot Chip, Jayda G, Tensnake, El Michels Affair, Polo & Pan, Mr Jukes, Com Truise, Barry Can’t Swim and many more!

We’ve also got some fantastic covers in this month’s mix. The first is a new reinterpretation of “Crimson & Clover” by The Shacks. I know this is a track that’s been covered a few times before (Prince, Joan Jett, etc), and honestly, it’s hard to beat the original version by Tommy James & The Shondells, however…. The Shacks bring a modern twist to the track while keeping the soul of the original. Check that cover out around 17 minutes in.

“Crimson And Clover” original version

Joan Jett’s version of “Crimson & Clover”

The other absolutely beautiful cover on the mix is Tensnake’s remix of “Love Will Tear us Apart.” Again… it’s hard to beat Joy Division’s original version, but if you want to hear a dark electronic version of the track, fast forward to about one hour and ten minutes into the mix.

Original version of “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

Video for “Vibrate” by Mr. Jukes + Barney Artist where they are rapping from a rollercoaster

Below is a full playlist along with where to buy each track.

The New LoFi mixtape is also available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Acast. And if you want to randomly mix up every song that was ever featured on a Mixtape, check out the Infinite Mixtape on Spotify.

July 2021 Mixtape Playlist

  1. suiix – The Great Nothing (05:17)
  2. Sirens Of Lesbos – I See Stars (10:57)
  3. Biig Piig – Feels Right (13:55)
  4. The Shacks – Crimson and Clover (17:03)
  5. Psymon Spine – Jumprope (20:44)
  6. Peggy Gou – Nabi (feat. OHHYUK) (23:13)
  7. Karaboudjan – I’ll Be Just Fine (27:00)
  8. El Michels Affair – Fazed Out (30:59)
  9. El Michels Affair – Dhuaan (34:50)
  10. Coco María – Me veo volar (38:36)
  11. Mr Jukes (feat. Barney Artist) – Vibrate (42:49)
  12. Emma-Jean Thackray – Movementt (uptempo edit) (46:42)
  13. Barry Can’t Swim – Jazz Club After Hours (50:23)
  14. Hiatt dB – 6 O’Clock Rock (55:26)
  15. POLO & PAN — Tunnel (feat Channel Tres) (59:38)
  16. L’Impératrice – Voodoo? (Lazywax Remix) (01:04:30)
  17. R Plus – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Tensnake Remix) (01:10:18)
  18. TDJ – Lalala (Want Somebody) (01:13:25)
  19. Paul Hazendonk – Weakness Pays (01:18:26)
  20. Destiino and Yuksek – O Pato (01:24:34)
  21. Cinthie – Offenbach Anthem (01:28:33)
  22. Jayda G – Are U Down (Remix) (01:32:33)
  23. Catching Flies – GLY (Hot Chip Remix – Edit) (01:36:10)
  24. Mark Reeve – Walk In The Wild (01:39:31)
  25. 1tbsp – Calico (01:43:04)
  26. Diaven – Never Been There (PALLADIAN Remix) (01:47:21)
  27. Haiku Salut – Pattern Thinker (01:50:10)
  28. Com Truise – Compress—Fuse (01:53:05)

By the way, The New LoFi has just turned ten years old and we are celebrating with a 10-track compilation featuring 10 of our favorite musicians from the past decade. If you want to get involved, pre-order the limited-edition blue vinyl here.