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Ten Years

April… it’s time to get off your face with some ravey new Giorgio Leone tracks

LONDON, April 1st: With the first 70+ ºF day recorded this year, and the announcement that a few Summer festivals are going ahead here in London, we thought it was high time that you got your raving shorts on and started getting in the danceclub mind set. Turns out that Giorgio Leone has got just what the doctor ordered.

Born in Italy and currently based in Taipei/Taiwan, Giorgio Leone has a style that combines extroverted Miami house with a more underground style of techno and tech-house.

His latest 3-track EP, Chronicles, packs a real punch. The title single takes command with a all-encompassing horn and a driving bassline, while “Nomadic” and “Green Bay” feel more brooding and dark. Leone has also been recently featured on the WMC Miami Sampler 2021 with his single “Work Me.” This track sees the Italian tapping into more of his outdoor festival sound with an upbeat Dutch house inspired track and a Missy Elliot sample to lay the hook into you.

Giorgio Leone – Chronicles

Giorgio Leone – Work Me