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Ten Years

Marlowe are back to talk about their past life…

The boys are back, L’Orange & Solemn Brigham team up for the third instalment of their Marlowe project and to say I’m buzzing is an understatement. 

I first came across L’Orange with his “Old Soul” album which I instantly fell in love with his jazzy production and Billie Holiday influence, I still wish he’d upload this to Spotify though! Fast forward a few more releases to 2018 and you’ll find the first collaboration with the thoughtful rapper, Solemn Brigham. 

Marlowe is two creative partners and longtime friends from North Carolina, the synergy between the two can be heard within the perfect flow and beats. Kicking off the new album with their “Past Life” single and L’Orange summing up the tune as “A tribute to an older era while also making it very modern.”

The 90s jazzy boombap vibe and subtle vocal samples at the start provide a perfect backdrop for Solemn to do his thing and will get you “gassed like a bagpipe” to hear more.

Marlowe 3 drops on October 28th via Mello Music Group and is accompanied by a dope vinyl, check it out here