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Ten Years

“Things will work out” — Geoff Earle & Stiletto Feels release a new album dedicated to life in the pandemic

Stiletto Feels started life as an experimental project in 2015 by Texas-based songwriter, Geoff Earle. The early days of the project consisted of Earle collaborating with studio musicians who would improvise over his demos. The recordings were collated together over a few short months to become Earle’s debut album, The Big Fist.

Earle put together a five-piece live act, and Stiletto Feels made the transition from studio project to live band. The band started to gather a following in the Texas music scene where it started to carve out a reputation for rowdy live shows — most notably at SXSW.

The band’s second album, Push Back, was written and recorded this year and explores the challenges of the pandemic. Sonically, it would be hard to pin the album down to just one genre. From one track to the next, Push Back will employ rock guitars, electro-pop synths or a mash-up of both. The album is both reflective and assertive.

Stream a couple of our favorite singles below, and head over to the Stiletto Feels Bandcamp page to buy your copy of the full album.

Stiletto Feels – Perfect Stiletto Feels – Feel Special

Stiletto Feels – Kill

Stiletto Feels – That’s Gonna Leave a Mark

Stiletto Feels – Things Will Work Out