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Ten Years

Elskavon’s upcoming LP, “Origins,” is the perfect album to tuck into a cold winter day with

For his new album, Origins, Minnesota-based producer Chris Bartels takes on the role of singer-songwriter for the first time under the moniker: Elskavon. Origins is vast, yet intimate. Fluttering yet cohesive. Tattered yet clean. Bartels describes it as a little like sun showers: you get the rain, but you get the sun as well.

“North Sole” is the latest single to be released off the album and it is perfectly fitting for the winter chill we’re all feeling in the northern hemisphere right now. The track is a meditative and all encompassing listen. It features his Bartels’s voice weaved in and out of the song and toes the line between conventional song-craft and something more idiosyncratic and experimental.

Origins is set to release on February 17, on Western Vinyl.