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Ten Years

Your LoFix #10 – Floating Kyoto Sounds

Welcome to The LoFix, a column to share some LoFi & Chill Hop that I’ve recently discovered and love. Giving you that fix of chill; something we all need regularly. And if you’re feeling the tracks, do share them with your friends.

In the tenth edition of the series we dive into sounds that have been inspired from the beautiful city that is Kyoto. Float away and enjoy the day!

Discovered on Spotify’s Road Trip to Kyoto playlist, is the travelling beat maker and producer that is kicktracks. The young artist has travelled the world with his sp404 machine, creating music with incredible nature backdrops like this one here. Kyoto Gardens kicks off with a beautiful and dreamy harp esq. sound, as soon as the beat kicks in you’ll notice your mood get calmer and relaxed.
Coming straight out of Kyoto is sakamoto junnosuke, a prolific pianist and composer. As written on his website the artist describes his sound as “Future Piano” that plays one swell with a complex of fine sounds and I think ‘Hananoen’ encompasses this perfectly with it’s looping pianos and Japanese influenced instruments.
The pioneer of lo-fi & chillhop that needs no introduction and someone who I wish was still around to make music today. ‘Spiritual State’ is the title track from his final LP and leads in with a stunning jazz piano and soft beat, slowly building for Uyama Hiroto‘s saxophone enterance that rounds of the song and takes you to that spiritual state of peace. R.I.P to the legend that is Nujabes.
With almost 300 million streams, RŮDE‘s ‘Eternal Youth‘ debut album threw the producer into the spotlight with his versatile and solid production skills. The title tracks hit a bit harder on the beat compared to others, but the catchy lead sound that raises through out the song will distract you from the day and transport you to the magical lands of Kyoto.
Ending this series with something a bit calmer and definitely one to ease into the day with. A pure organic beat with raw emotion that can be felt with this collaboration from Tosso & meno, close your eyes and cast off to relaxation.