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Ten Years

Robot Koch embraces his ambient side on his second album as Foam & Sand

Over lockdown, the prolific electronic producer, Robot Koch, launched an ambient side project under a new moniker called Foam and Sand. After months of not being able to tour, Koch hunkered down and started experimenting with tape loops in his Los Angeles studio space. Foam and Sand grew organically like a sapling from fresh soil. “It became something that can stand alongside my other music,” explains Koch.

Koch has put forth multiple releases under the Foam and Sand name on his Bandcamp page over the last several years. His Nettwerk debut finds him discovering new depths to his sound as his interest in the “beautiful imperfections” of loops collides with his fascination between science and spirituality.

Check out his latest single, “Circle 35” below and look out for his upcoming new album out on Nettwerk records (set to release this March).

Foam and Sand – Circle 35