The New LoFi

Ten Years

San Francisco based duo creates an amazing blend of lo-fi house with sounds of the subcontinent in their new release, “Kolkata 78”

Baalti began as a medium for Mihir Chauhan and Jaiveer Singh to explore old Indian records and global sounds that they felt were missing from dance music.

“Our sound comes from our love of sample-based music,” explains Singh. “We’re trying to reimagine the sounds we grew up with within the context of contemporary club culture. This is our take on lo-fi house and club music, and an active exploration of music from the Indian subcontinent.”

After spending several crate-digging sessions followed by late nights in the studio, they started to see their own unique sound take shape. Their interpretation of house music uses modern layers of club-ready percussion mixed with retro South Asian samples.

The resulting EP is an exciting and exploratory collection of loose-limbed groove-oriented cuts that move deftly between styles — Gujarati folk, Hindustani classical, Bengali disco. It’s a solid club record that stays honest and true to its cultural roots, without taking itself too seriously.

Baalti’s debut self-titled EP has just been released on the Mumbai-based label, Krunk Kulture. To get a taste of just how good South Asian vibes mix with house music, have a listen to our favorite track on the record: “Kolkata ’78.”

Baalti – Kolkata ’78