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Ten Years

Afro-Brazilian vibes from Fabiano Do Nascimento

Tempo dos Mestres (which mean “Time of the Masters” in Portuguese) is the second album from the tireless, young Brazilian guitarist Fabiano Do Nascimento. It finds its roots in the depths of the Amazon rainforest, passed down through generations of native Brazilians, and is imbibed by the Afro-Brazilian culture that arose after Portuguese colonization.

When talking about the album, Do Nascimento says that “this blend is not new in Brazil, and is represented musically by great Brazilian musicians both known and celebrated.”

Do Nascimento takes his music, and his place in Brazil’s lineage, seriously. He often travels the vast country, spending time in the rainforest, living life as it was lived in the distant past, while studying with still living masters as he searches for new directions of the path trod by the geniuses whose influence abounds in contemporary music, but whose names are still unfamiliar. “Being a musician – feeling, studying, experiencing, living music — this comes first, right?” asks Do Nascimento. “Second, we hope that the depths of knowledge in the music from the masters before us can be shared more, each time, to the younger generations coming.” In Tempo dos Mestres Do Nascimento answers himself with a beautiful entry into the evolving language of timeless Brazilian music.

The album was recorded live in the studio with no overdubs, straight to 2” analog-tape, and only sparingly mastered to focus on the subtleties of the performances. Get your copy of Tempo dos Mestres on the Fabiano Do Nascimento Bandcamp page for $10.

Fabiano Do Nascimento – Baião

Fabiano Do Nascimento – Louva-A-Deus “Mantis”