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“Freak Talk” — the new single from German four-piece, PAIR

To celebrate the release of their debut album, “The Love Equivalent” (out this June) the Berlin-based band PAIR have just dropped a new video for their single “Freak Talk.”

The melody for the track came at a jam with my loop station, an old organ and a Dr. Rhythm.” explains lead singe Pete Fosca Jr. when talking about the song. “I mixed typical pop grooves with alternative sounds and experimented a bit. I wanted a pop-type theme with a schizophrenic twist.” 

Fosca goes on to describe the song by talking about the feeling you get when you need distance and closeness from someone at the same time — and all the meanwhile your emotions are on a rollercoaster ride.

The Love Equivalent emerged from the confrontation of self and self-image,” continues Fosca. “Something that is strongly reflected in the album. Each track is like a new facet that slowly emerges to the surface through this confrontation until it is sure of its own freedom.” 

The Love Equivalent is set to release on June 17th.

Pair – Freak Talk

Cover photo by Angelika Una Kubinski