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LA-based record label, Mystery Circles releases some good into the world during these bleak times

With most of the world now going into social and economic lockdown, there is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety in the air right now. And while there is still more tragedy to come, there has also been some heartwarming examples of goodwill in the last few weeks that give me hope. I find that these trying times can sometimes bring out the best in humanity.

We hear stories of people all over China sending food to the people in Wuhan. People in Italy singing to each other from their balconies while they are quarantined in their homes. Doctors and nurses around the world coming out of retirement to help. These aren’t grand gestures. These are small gestures of people putting good into the world when we need it the most.

People from all different walks of life and profession have been donating their time and energy to make the world just a bit of a better place in this dark time. That’s why when I came across this compilation from LA-based record label, Mystery Circles, it put a little smile on my face.

Last month, Mystery Circles released this beautiful limited edition 10-track compilation in translucent blue vinyl. This week — with the COVID-19 pandemic closing down countries and locking in communities — the label has offered up the compilation as a “pay what you want” purchase.

The record is a collection of ten different electronic artists who play on the experimental / cinematic side of the genre. It ranges from lo-fi trip hop beats from viñu-vinu on the track “C’est L’Amour” to synth-driven anthems from Gemini Horror on the track “Somnium.” But despite the fact that there are many different artists, the album has its own distinct “sound.” A sound that suspends reality for 40 minutes. It’s exactly what we need at the moment to be honest.

One of my particular favorites on the album is the closing track by Brazilian composer, Ramon Fassina (aka Dissolve in Sepia). Fassina is known for his use of field recordings, tape loops and modular synthesizers. The result is music that has a nostalgic warmth to it.

His track on the compilation is called “Between Violet and Green” (and if my days at art school serve me correctly… the color between violet and green is blue?). Check out the track below, and then head over to the Mystery Circles Bandcamp page to stream the full album. If you have the capacity to give at the moment, this is exactly the sort of record label you should be supporting with a purchase. You won’t be disappointed if you get your hands on one of the 500 limited edition vinyls.

Dissolve In Sepia – Between Violet And Green