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Ten Years

Lee Fields has been releasing music for 50 years, and there is no sign of stopping

What better way is there to start off a new decade then with a new song from a legendary artist?

Known as “Little JB” because of his resemblance (physically and vocally) with James Brown, Lee Fields has been producing music for five decades. In 1969 he released his first single “Bewildered.” He didn’t release his first album until 1980. By this time disco had firmly taken over in popularity versus soul music. However, this didn’t stop Fields from carrying the flag for the genre and he continued to produce music with his band, The Expressions.

Throughout the 90s and 00s, Lee Fields & The Expressions slowed down their output but their music still appeared in many popular R&B and hip hop tracks. Artists such as J. ColeSlum VillageTravie McCoy and Travis Scott would sample their music on their albums which would keep Lee Fields & The Expressions floating along in our consciousness.

Now in 2019 — fifty years after his first single dropped in 1969 — Lee Fields & The Expressions have released a brand new 10-track album called It Rains Love. In October, they released an instrumental version of the title track and I think that it makes for a fabulously soulful way to kick off the new decade.

Lee Fields & The Expressions – It Rains Love (Instrumental)

Lee Fields & The Expressions – It Rains Love