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Ten Years

Dark Sky’s Matt Benyayer teams up with Afriquoi to create a new single for Fabric Presents: “Cold Harbour”

Dark Sky returned this year with just one of its members at the control desk. It has been a few months since we’ve heard from Dark Sky; the duo went radio silent, dropping their regular radio show on NTS and leaving their tour dates empty. As one of my favorite electronic artists, this was puzzling to say the least.

I later learned that founder Matt Benyayer left his long time collaborator Tom Edwards in order to strike off solo. Having met at school, Edwards and Benyayer formed Dark Sky in 2009 (back then there were actually three members). The duo had a mutual appreciation for the ever-changing electronic music scene in London and wanted to share it through their DJ sets and production.

For me, what’s special about Dark Sky has always been how eclectic their music taste is. Their sound is centered around a particularly percussive flavor of deep house, but it can incorporate musical inspiration from West Africa to South America. Anytime you listen to one of their sets, you could hear this.

This year, Matt’s attention has been focused on collaborating with the band Afriquoi. Benyayer looked to explore a new way of making music by using traditional percussion and instruments. From this partnership emerged a brand new single called “Cold Harbour.” The track was later picked up by Bonobo and used in his latest Fabric compilation.

Check out the single below as well as the full Fabric Presents mix by Bonobo, and keep your ears tuned into the Dark Sky Soundcloud page for more updates this year.

Dark Sky x Afriquoi – Cold Harbour
Fabric Presents: Bonobo

Track List
1. Bonobo – Flicker
2. Poté – Jacquot (Waters of Praslin)
3. Durante – Maia
4. Dan Kye – Focus
5. Dark Sky & Afriquoi – Cold Harbour
6. Bonobo – Ibrik
7. Olsen – Femenine
8. TSHA – Sacred
9. R. Lyle – Perpetrator
10. Throwing Snow – Rheged
11. DJ Seinfeld – Stargard
12. Nepa Allstar – The Way
13. Bonobo – Boston Common
14. Âme – Nia
15. O’Flynn – TKOTN