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Mexico’s Trip Tease & Kris Berle deliver downtempo house on their new EP, “SHADES”

SHADES is the new collaborative EP created by Mexican producers Kris Berle and Carlos Salame (aka Trip Tease).

Both artists combine their love for techno, house and synthwave to create a sort of lo-fi downtempo house sound on the EP. Each cut on the 5-track EP explores the more laid-back side of techno and are punctuated by Berle’s unique lyrical.

From the downtempo happy groove of “Monkey” (which the duo produced in a bunker studio in Mexico City) to the dark energy and brooding rhythms of “Red,” the EP provides an interesting range of sound.

“These songs sprang out of our souls instantly,” explains Salame when talking about the EP. “They were inside us waiting to be created.”

“Being alive and creating art are synonymous” adds Berle. “One cannot exist without the other.”

As far as Berle and Salame are concerned, music is the answer to all the questions that the duo have to ask of themselves. Would be fantastic to see the collaboration continue.

SHADES is out now on the Australian label,

Trip Tease & Kris Berle – Un, Deux, Trois

Trip Tease & Kris Berle – Monkey